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Gavin Hall is an avid Motocross Rider. He is co-author of the Motocross Alex Hamble Series. Gavin is 13 years old. Crossrut, his first book, was written when he was 12.

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Motocross: Crossrut!  by Sherry Hall and Gavin Hall. Illustrated by Holly Peterson

The Alex Hamble Series: Crossrut, Roosted and Pinned! (coming soon!)

Sherry Hall is not 13 years old. 

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About the book: Alex Hamble is set to take his very first ever first place finish in motocross until he crashes and breaks his leg on the final lap of a race. Now he has to recover and find his way back to the sport he loves but Judd “The Jerk” Wilson tries to ruin Alex’s chances by cheating and sabotaging Alex and his friends. Will Judd get away with it, or will Alex make a successful comeback to motocross?

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