Tallulah and the Three Cowgirls and Whomp! Now Available

Six years after Lexie found Miss Em's charm bracelet in the park, Lexie and Marcus are married and expecting their first baby- a girl to be named Emma. When Lexie finds herself in labor a little early, Marcus moves her baby shower to the hospital. All Christmas Eve, family and friends bring their gifts- charms...and the stories to go with them...for Emma's first Charming Christmas Bracelet. Coming Soon!

The Charming Bracelet is my first completed novel even though writing has always been a passion of mine. I live in Texas with my family and two spoiled dogs. I have 4 kids and a grand baby named Zoe. I love to travel and shop at thrift stores. I work as an Instructional Specialist for my school district. I am not in any way a sarcastic person.

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‚ÄčAbout the Author: Sherry Hall

Read my story 'A Walk Around the Block' in Chicken Soup for the Soul The Wonder of Christmas. Available Oct. 16, 2018

Barney, world's most spoiled dog.

Very proud to have contributed a story to this book by educators, for educators.

My daughter Kelly previewing the book.